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Seeking Employment

We pride ourselves on the quality of care we give during your search for work and the processing period prior to taking up your employment. We are here to help with any of your issues and our recruitment consultants are always happy to provide advice.

Please forward your curriculum vitae to register your interest and availablity in searching for employment. Following receipt, we will liaise with our client companies and keep you informed of any positve developments thereafter.

Although not essential initially, we may later require some or all of the following:

  • Copies of your qualifications and/or training course certificates
  • Copies of references from previous employers
  • Copy of No Objection Letter (if you have previously worked in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
  • Copy of your driving licence and H.G.V. licence - if the position has this requirement
  • Copy of your passport

Visa Processing

Processing applications for work, residence, business or family visit visas at UK-based embassies including document authentication/legalisation and full medical examination, x-ray and blood test service, as required.

Thank you for choosing Systemford.


We ask that you read our 'Terms' using the link above before seeking the use of our services.

We will therefore asume that you agree and accept them when you contact us.

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